Tipsy Shades offers a wide array of artisanal vegan pastries, from egg-free challah, to festive soufganiyot, cookies, muffins and breakfast pastries.


  • Challah: Rich, braided loaf, topped with either za’atar or sesame seeds
  • Chocolate Babka: buttery yeast cake, twisted with a deep, chocolate filling
  • Peanut Butter Cinnamon Rolls: a decadent breakfast treat, with a soft, nutty dough, peanut butter cinnamon filling, and a sweet peanut butter glaze



Cookies and Bars

  • Hamentaschen of the Year: refreshing take on a classic treat. Past years have included sesame cookie with a pistachio rosewater filling, blood orange silan cookie with a halva filling, and chocolate cookie with a Jameson dulce de leche filling
  • Halva cookies: chewy techina infused cookies, topped with crunchy chopped pistachios
  • Rugeluch: flaky pastry cookie, rolled with cinnamon and brown sugar, optional chopped pecans
  • “Paleo” White Chocolate and Cacao Flecked Cookie: almond and coconut flour base, silan sweetened, with vegan white chocolate chips and chunks of cacao Gluten-Free
  • Lotus Swirl Brownies: decadent dark chocolate brownie, swirled with Lotus cookie butter, topped with a sweet and salty Lotus butter caramel




  • Earl Grey Classic: rich earl grey cream filling with earl grey chocolate ganache glaze
  • Sweet Potato Pie: spicy sweet potato pie custard filling, topped with a chai masala glaze
  • Seasonal Jam Filled: a Hanukkah classic, made available year round. Homemade fruit jam depending on fruit in season

Soufganiyot flavors change seasonally.


  • Quinoa Porridge Muffin: made with coconut oil, a hint of cinnamon, cooked quinoa and whole wheat or spelt flour Gluten-free option available
  • Savory Sweet Potato Corn Muffins: lightly sweetened sweet potato and corn muffin, filled with a spicy Mexican black bean and corn filling

Pies and Tarts

  • Lavender Frangipane Tart with Seasonal Fruit: lavender infused almond custard, layered with seasonal fruit slices and baked in a flaky pastry shell
  • Pecan Pie: caramel custard filling studded with pecans in a tender, flaky pastry shell