Wine-Based Cupcakes

Champagne Spritzer:

Light champagne infused cupcake filled with seasonal fruit and champagne filling, topped with white chocolate mousse

Lavender Champagne:

Light and fluffy cupcake with a hint of floral relaxing lavender. Topped with either a champagne glaze or white chocolate mousse

Red Wine Red Velvet

Red wine infused cupcake with a light cocoa finish topped with chocolate mousse and a port wine reduction

Tea-Based Cupcakes

Tipsy Shades of Earl Grey

Earl Grey-infused cupcake topped with either Earl Grey chocolate ganache or bergamot chocolate buttercream

Lapsang Souchong Chocolate

Smoky chocolate cupcake with a salted bourbon caramel filling, salted bourbon caramel frosting and topped with crispy coconut bacon

Rose Coconut “Chailand”

Rose Chai tea and cinnamon cake, filled with a light rose-scented custard, topped with coconut mousse, toasted coconut flakes

Rumpkin Pie Chai:

Cake infused with masala chai, rum-spiked pumpkin pie filling, cinnamon rum buttercream

Open Sesame

Rich and malty sesame cake, filled with a techina date cream, topped with an orange blossom buttercream and fresh pomegranate seeds


Irish Car Bomb

Chocolate stout cake, Jameson infused chocolate truffle center, Irish cream buttercream, topped with Jameson-spiked dulce de leche

Tipsy at the Orchard

Hard cider cake scented with cinnamon, spiked apple compote filling, thyme-infused buttercream, drizzled with dulce de leche

German Chocolate Beer Garden

Chocolate beer cake, Malibu spiked coconut custard filling, topped with a light and fluffy chocolate mousse

Sake Bomb Cake

Brown sugar beer cake, sake soaked lychee filling, coconut sake frosting

Didn’t find a flavor that speaks to you? Send us an email, and we’ll create a custom flavor just for you!

As always, our cupcakes are 100% vegan.