A Spinach Artichoke Blintz Perfect For Game Day, Or Brunch!

    5 February 2018

    Who can deny the pleasure of eating a stuffed pancake? Common across many cultures, blintzes are an Eastern European answer to crepe envy. With a slightly springy pancake embracing a warm and hearty filling, they are a food traditionally eaten for Shavuot and other holidays where dairy is customary. Traditional savory fillings range from some sort of potato to white cheese, while the sweet version is again cheese, or fruit. I wanted to update the filling a little bit, in…

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  • Private chef Special

    Ashley with Tipsy Shades on Live TV

    I had the pleasure of sharing my food live with i24NEWS Studios this past Friday. I brought them some updated Hanukkah classics that were all entirely plant based. On the menu: -Sweet potato leek latkes with…

    16 December 2017
  • Recipes

    Truffled Vichyssoise with Video Demo!

    Let me tell you something, it is HOT in Tel Aviv right now.  Not that I ever had any doubts that summers in Israel were anything less than scorching, but after spending a year…

    16 August 2015
  • Travel

    Essential French for the Traveling Vegan

    When I first went to Europe at age 17, just after my high school graduation, I brought along a print out list of words in several different languages regarding the food I did and…

    19 January 2015
  • Travel

    Le fabuleux destin d’une petite végan: Nice

    As I glimpsed a sparkle from the brilliantly blue Mediterranean from the airplane window, my excitement began to bubble over.  This was it! I was really going to France!  While I hesitate to call…

    15 January 2015
  • Travel

    Rhymes With Bacon: Veganz Take Berlin

    “Rhymes with bacon, which we don’t eat. Because we’re vegan…” sang Rose, as we stood on the train platform, eager to begin our evening.  We bristled with anticipation, and the warmth of a shared…

    5 September 2014
  • Recipes

    The Last Supper: Polentils and Broccoli

    As my penultimate day in Israel transitioned into my ultimate Israeli night, I realized that despite wanting to enjoy the many delicious vegan meals on offer in Tel Aviv (before setting off on my…

    17 July 2014
  • Private chef

    Ashley Available as Private Vegan Chef

    Ashley Goldstein is a vegan chef and baker, currently located in the Tri-State area, who strives to create delicious and satisfying meals the whole family can enjoy.  She has an extensive repertoire, spanning from casual…

    10 July 2014