A Spinach Artichoke Blintz Perfect For Game Day, Or Brunch!

5 February 2018

Who can deny the pleasure of eating a stuffed pancake? Common across many cultures, blintzes are an Eastern European answer to crepe envy. With a slightly springy pancake embracing a warm and hearty filling, they are a food traditionally eaten for Shavuot and other holidays where dairy is customary. Traditional savory fillings range from some sort of potato to white cheese, while the sweet version is again cheese, or fruit. I wanted to update the filling a little bit, in order to heighten the flavor profile, and possibly allay some of the guilt of eating a buttery pancake by upping the nutrition with some veggies. Inspired by spinach artichoke dip, this blintz is the perfect combo of a creamy, and dare I say, “cheesy” filling, covered in a soft pancake blanket, while remaining as pareve as can be. Indeed, this recipe is entirely vegan, perfect for your egg or dairy allergic friends, while also proving to be an option for holiday meals the rest of the year.

In honor of Tu B’Shvat, I’ve posted the recipe as a guest post on my friend, Jonathan Katz’s blog, Flavors of the Diaspora. In his posts, Jonathan explores the world and history of Jewish flavors from around the world. For the full recipe and method, you can find our joint post on his page, here.


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