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    Truffled Vichyssoise with Video Demo!

    Let me tell you something, it is HOT in Tel Aviv right now.  Not that I ever had any doubts that summers in Israel were anything less than scorching, but after spending a year…

    16 August 2015
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    The Last Supper: Polentils and Broccoli

    As my penultimate day in Israel transitioned into my ultimate Israeli night, I realized that despite wanting to enjoy the many delicious vegan meals on offer in Tel Aviv (before setting off on my…

    17 July 2014
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    Fluffy Vegan Matzoh Balls

    Oh matzoh balls; the quintessential Passover delicacy. For the past few years, I’ve been on a quest to create the perfect vegan matzoh ball. The first recipe I tried used tofu—which I prefer not…

    14 April 2014
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    Grandpa Maurice’s Famous Mushroom Paté

    For the longest time, my grandfather’s mushroom paté, or as we usually call it, “mushroom stuff” was pretty much the only way I’d swallow a mushroom, and only after it was doused in salt.…

    5 April 2014
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    Vegan Passover (פסח טבעוני)

    As Passover creeps ever closer, my usual worries begin to take hold. What will I eat, where will I eat it, what do I do about cleaning my kitchen etc, etc. What was once…

    23 March 2014
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    Vegan Chopped Brunch: Butternut Squash Pierogi

    As winter continues to bring frigid weather to the Northeast, I wanted to share one more squash recipe to add to your arsenal before pumpkin season is officially in hibernation. I’m a huge fan…

    13 March 2014
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    Sweet Potato Lentil Shepherd’s Pie

    As my newsfeed once again fills with reports of another blizzard hitting NY, I can’t help but think about my favorite snow day activities, namely cooking and baking. Of course one would think I…

    13 February 2014
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    Decadent Brunch for Two

    Last night, I found myself once again craving something on the sweet side around dinner time. While I had previously had a small salad as first dinner, I decided to give in and indulge…

    5 February 2014